I’ve attended Actor Tribe since it began in Knutsford and the three years of high quality teaching and experiences it has given me are next to none. Whether it’s the confidence of its teachers/ patrons or the various guests who come in to help, every session of Actor Tribe provides me with more confidence and experience in life and the world of acting, giving me the skills to help me succeed in both. My favourite part of it is that it doesn’t just improve my acting skills but provides skills for life, giving young people the confidence to succeed, socialize and speak aloud. Thank you Actor Tribe as without the one to one tuition provided here my goal of becoming an actor would have been impossible to reach.
Sam Rees. Aged 16 years.

The learning environment at Actortribe is one of patience, kindness and support for both actors and non-actors. Personally I feel it has been a great privilege to have had the opportunity to have participated in classes. A truly inspirational experience. The passion for drama education from tutors is so obviously displayed. I attended Actortribe in an attempt to boost my confidence in acting… I achieved this and it has had a great impact on my performances. Thank you Actortribe for showing me how to bring out the best in me.
Christine Barton (Adult class)

Actor Tribe is a place full of positivity and support, having been here since it started in Knutsford, I have grown so much as a person. My confidence has expanded along with my passion for acting and the amount of incredible opportunities I’ve been faced with is amazing. Not forgetting the care, love and dedication both Jenny and Lee show to all their students. An overall amazing organisation I don’t plan on parting with any time soon!
Freya Hutson Jones. Aged 16 years.

I love Actor Tribe because it makes me feel listened to and free. Everyone has been so kind and encouraging from day one. We have had brilliant opportunities including meeting various casting directors, directors, auditioning for new TV series, and even meeting Peter Kay. Overall it is a great fun, enjoyable club run by marvelous teachers.
Alexander Braddock. Aged 11 years.

I love that everyone makes you feel so welcome at Actor Tribe, they are really nice. I have been here for three years, I used to be shy but since coming to Actor Tribe I have been more confident . I have met amazing people like Suranne Jones and Peter Kay. I recently got cast in a short film during one of my classes and got to work with Anne Marie O’Connor on her short film. I have also made some great friends. Every week I learn something new, it’s a great place if you want to pursue a career in Acting or if you want to become a better, more confident and stronger person. It’s one of the greatest places to go and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Lewis Billings. Aged 14 years.

I have been doing Actor Tribe for three years and during that time I have been lucky enough to meet loads of casting directors and famous people. It has helped me get tons of confidence and not be scared of speaking in front of big crowds and I can now talk in front of hundreds of people.
Mikey Lovett. Aged 11 years.

What I personally like about Actor Tribe is the sense of community. When I first joined Actor Tribe, everyone was very welcoming, which was refreshing due to a previous experience at a different drama group. The exercises that we do at Actor Tribe really help to make you a better actor. It feels like it’s an actual community and not some instruction course that you forget about in retrospect.
Joe Porter. Aged 12 years.

I love Actor Tribe because we do fun warm ups and activities. Actor Tribe has pulled me out of my shell and made me a more confident person overall. I’ve only attended Actor Tribe for just less than a year, but I feel like part of the family. I love working with Jenny because she’s so kind and her and Lee have helped us prepare for auditions with the casting directors who have been in to class. From the moment I first joined, I felt so welcome and everybody was really kind.
Katie Preston. Aged 11 years.

I’ve been at Actor Tribe in Knutsford for three years. I love how relaxed it is. It’s different from other drama groups I’ve been to because we do a lot of work on truthfulness and being a believable actor. I’ve had so many amazing experiences here, like being able to meet and talk to casting directors, directors and writers and having master classes with people like Peter Kay and Suranne Jones. Jenny and Rachael are really friendly and helpful, they are amazing teachers and I’ve learnt so much from them.
Ella Auton. Aged 14 years.

I’ve been at Actor Tribe for about a year and a half. I love it because when I come every Saturday morning I feel happy doing what I love with people I love. It’s impossible to feel embarrassed here, as we’re all working together. But it’s not just a friendly community, it’s also about learning, listening to others, sometimes working individually and sometimes within a group. At Actor Tribe there are so many opportunities to be noticed by producers or agents. Jenny, Rachel and Zara are lovely and kind, they work so hard to make sure we do the best we possibly can. For us it’s all about creating a community that people want to come to, to learn, listen, have a go and make new friends.
Agnes Homer. Aged 13 years.

Actor Tribe has been a great way for me to build my social skills and confidence. I’ve become a lot more open and willing to try new things and made new friends who are so lovely. Ive been here for three years and have become a part of this amazing family who have helped me believe in myself and to gain life skills I never would have had otherwise.
Ella Cass. Aged 15 years.

Actor Tribe gives me a sense of freedom to be myself. I look forward to Actor Tribe every week as I can see and work with different friends outside of school. When I first came I was incredibly shy but now I feel as if I’m part of a family. I can be myself in terms of my feelings, personality and even fashion. I am not judged here and I have made some friends for life.
Kate Thurlbeck. Aged 15 years.

I have been at Actor Tribe since January 2015 and I am now going on to A level Theatre Studies because of everything I have been taught here. As a young actor it is one of the best places to be. Jenny, Lee, Rachel and Zara are the best Acting teachers around for sure.
Oliver Knowles. Aged 16 years.

I have been at Actor Tribe for two years and it’s honestly changed me and helped me so much. I’ve learned a lot about acting and about myself and what I want to do when I’m older. Everyone is so welcoming here and you instantly feel like you can just be yourself and take what you want from the Actor Tribe experience.
Daria Radmard. Aged 16 years.

Actor Tribe isn’t just an acting group it’s like a family. I’ve been here for two years and I feel like I belong. In fact there isn’t a single person who enters the group who doesn’t belong. Actor Tribe doesn’t only help develop acting skills, but it helps you to gain confidence in your own ability.
Ellie Nancarrow. Aged 15 years.

I have been at Actor Tribe for three years and loved every session. I love coming every week excited to know what’s in store for the enjoyable 90 minutes of my Saturday. It has helped with my confidence and I feel like I can attack any monologue or scene and know how to do it. I LOVE Actor Tribe!
Becky Seymour. Aged 15 years.

Actor Tribe is my second family. It has taught me things about acting that I never knew before. I have been here since it began and it has been amazing to see it flourish into such an incredible, caring and talented group. There is a mutual respect for one another with everyone looking out for each other. I wouldn’t be the actor and person I am today without Actor Tribe. It has helped me get to places I never dreamed I could go to.
Molly Chalfont Pollard. Aged 16 years.

Actor Tribe is one of those places that caters to all. It has a friendly, positive atmosphere, that is inviting and caring. The students are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Jenny, Lee and Rachel are understanding, caring and motivational. When I first joined I was immediately greeted, given a chair and talked to, I felt welcome here and that’s how all new comers are made to feel. Whether you want to come for confidence, friends, or acting you will be welcome.
Harry Robinson. Aged 15 years.

I have loved Actor Tribe ever since I joined two and half years ago. I have moved through the groups, laughing and learning. I am more confident as a performer and I have discovered emotions in me I didn’t know I could feel. Actor Tribe is like a kind of therapy for me where l come out feeling refreshed and uplifted. Our Actor Tribe group is like a happy little family and I have met some amazing actors here, and we all improve and progress together.
Suzie McInnes. Aged 15 years.

Actor Tribe provides support and a sense of belonging for me. It has helped me to not only develop my confidence but to also find something that I love doing. Joining Actor Tribe has been the best decision that I have ever made and I have thoroughly enjoyed my three years here.
Megan Gilling. Aged 16 years.

I started coming to Actor Tribe two years ago and I have noticed my confidence grow dramatically. When I first joined I was here to share my love of acting with others and improve my ability, but now I see it as much more than that. We are like a family, everyone is respected and every week is not just fun, but a confidence boost too. My friends have noticed how my confidence has grown, helping me in drama at school and in social situations.
Steph Young. Aged 15 years.

I really enjoy coming here every Saturday, because the environment makes me feel safe to try new things, especially as I have only been here for a couple of months. I feel like I belong because of the way everyone has treated me. My acting and confidence has improved so much already and I am so grateful. Thanks guys!
Elliot Edwards. Aged 13 years.

Actor Tribe is literally a little family. I’ve been here three years and every week I look forward to it. As someone who is wanting to pursue an acting career it has helped immensely and I have come on leaps and bounds in my skill, and confidence. I have been to a few acting places before here, but nothing compares to Actor Tribe. I have had the chance to experience things I never thought I would.
Laura Downes. Aged 15 years.

Actor Tribe is like another family to me. I have been here for two and a half years now and it has been the best experience. When I came to my first class, everyone was so welcoming and I just felt like I could be myself, which I love. Every weekend I am always excited to come and see all of my friends and learn new things from Jenny and Lee to enhance my acting. I have been given so many opportunities here and my confidence has improved so much. Actor Tribe is the best!
Eleanor Watkins. Aged 15 years.

I’ve been to several acting schools and I’ve been a part of Actor Tribe since the beginning and they have been the best three years I have ever spent at an acting school. Jenny and Lee are the most loving and amazing people I have ever met. This drama class has helped me make friends, improve my acting skills and not care about the negative things people outside of Actor Tribe say about me. It sounds cheesy but I’m deadly serious that it’s not just an acting school, it’s family and everyone is so loving and friendly. Thank you Jenny and Lee for giving me the best hour and a half of my Saturday for the past 3 years!
Caoimhe Milligan. Aged 15 years.

Laura Jones
“Lee is a fantastic actor – I had been a fan for years before I met him. But alongside this he is a superb teacher of his craft – and I learnt so much from his workshops. He shares all he has learnt so willingly – and brought me to places as an actor I had never visited before. Thank you Lee.”

Zoe Guilford (Lemon La Vida Loca)
“I would recommend a Lee Boardman workshop to everyone: an actor, someone who’s interested in acting, and someone who has no interest in acting at all – it’s a blast! It’s challenging for sure, but it’s the most rewarding exercise you’ll ever do.
In my case, it opened me up to a brand new world – I met people there who are now my best friends; I got a taste for a discipline which I believed was out of my reach (I’ve since starred in a short film and have a role on TV), and I’ve become a far more confident and open person. Trust me when I say that it’s all because of Lee! Just do it!

Sonya Quayle
“I’d say that Lee’s workshops are at the very least, a welcoming place to meet inspiring people and to be thoroughly entertained… At best, they are absolutely life-changing. He leaves people stunned and smiling and brimming with positivity and confidence. That’s why they love his classes so much.”

Kathryn Hodgson
“Lee’s workshops are amazing. He has a knack of bringing together a group of people from all walks of life, all ages, and by the time you leave the workshop, you feel like you have bonded with every single person in that room. He is interested in every person there, he can see something in everyone, and can bring out everybody’s hidden talents with the skills he has. Some words I would use to describe the workshops are emotional, uplifting, spiritual, warm (and fuzzy!), confidence building, bonding, special, enjoyable, excellent…… I could go on! So thank you Lee.”

Mike Martin
“After being trained by Lee Boardman, I have acted in my first ever credited roles in several short films, including being selected ahead of fierce competition for a dream role in the first ever movie filmed entirely in the language of the Isle of Man. Lee’s acting workshops are fantastic for helping me achieve my ambitions as an actor.”

Simon Harris
“I came along to one of Lee’s acting/directing workshops with my usual expectancy with ‘workshops’ of…not very much at all. I left at the end of the day a changed man. Hyperbole, you think? Far from it. Let me explain – I am a middle-aged ex soldier, ex bouncer and generally perceived ‘hard man’. After the military I became involved in the film industry, from behind the camera to post-production, and many roles in between. Acting, however, I never felt was my bag, and although appreciating my cast, I would still refer to them as ‘luvvies’, occasionally disparagingly.
Recent inner contemplation would put this down to a fear of the unknown, an apprehension over exposing my true inner self to anyone. Lee, through his cleverly thought-out process of stripping away artifice, of getting to the truth of performance, his ability to foster a group dynamic of trust…caused all those fortress walls to crumble to dust.
My new understanding of the acting craft, and the toll it may take, has enabled me to 1) be a much better and more empathetic director and 2) to actually step into an acting role for the first time in my life, with no fear, embarrassment or nerves, and altho’ small and cameo, I was able to give a natural and believable performance.
Lee has my full respect and recommendation. I have since taken on a continuation of his legacy, running acting workshops locally.”

John Brimble (The Iron Lady)
“Lee, as a working actor, brings a no-nonsense approach to his craft that he shares with his students. Lee has the knack of extracting performances that you may not realise you have within you. Having attended Lee’s workshops, I can say that Lee has helped me to understand what acting is all about.”

Bev Lawley – Isle of Man Casting Agency
“I have attended all the workshops that Lee has taken on the Isle Of Man as an “onlooker”. I own the film extras agency on the island who supply background and supporting artistes to the many films that come over to the Isle Of Man. I was interested to see how the people who are on my books would respond and develop within the classes and I was truly amazed at the dramatic improvement in technique, confidence and ability that Lee gave to each and every student. Lee’s ability to gain their trust and respect extremely quickly is a testament to his amazing people and acting skills. It is wonderful to see their progress and new found confidence which then in turn enables them to audition for roles in films that they would never have thought possible.
Lee is wonderful person and actor and I know that everyone who attends the workshops, will leave with a sense of achievement, pride, self belief and the willingness to work harder to achieve the level of dedication needed to become an actor, because that is what they see in Lee.”

Kat Cawte
“I have been tutored by Lee over a number of years. I have gained a new found confidence and a way of acting to which has helped me in every way of becoming the actor that I want to be. My knowledge has truly been broadened with Lee in so many areas, without this I do not think I would be carrying on. I learn something new about myself every time.
Every time I hear that he is flying over from England to hold another class I make sure that nothing stands in my way of missing out. I come out refreshed with brand you skills each time and I can’t express enough just how much he are appreciated by all of us, more so me personally just because of how much you have guided me.
I thank him for being such a great mentor, a kind and trusting person. I feel truly grateful to have been able to have attended his workshops and for passing on his knowledge and skills.”

Debs Gwinnell
“Without Lee’s workshops with the film festival I wouldn’t be acting. Lee brought out in me a talent I didn’t know I had. He is the most extraordinary teacher, honest, trustworthy and demanding all at the same time. Thanks to Lee I have played leading roles in 2 short films and am about to embark on producing another.”

Louisa Bawden
“I can’t praise Lee Boardman’s acting workshops enough. When I first came to Lee’s classes, I had been acting in the theatre for many years and had picked up a lot of stage habits. Lee taught me to stop acting and do nothing – just let the truth be seen in my eyes.
When teaching, Lee’s energy and enthusiasm seem boundless. My favourite part of Lee’s workshop is the ‘warm fuzzy’. At the end of every day we are given a ‘warm fuzzy’ to ‘award’ to somebody in the class. It is special because it has to be awarded for a real reason. Finishing each day learning something good about yourself and making somebody else happy is the perfect ending to the day.
At the end of Lee’s workshops, you believe in yourself and feel like you can achieve anything. Whenever I meet somebody that want’s to act in television or films, I always rave about Lee’s workshops. I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Every time a workshop is announced I book my place immediately”

Tony Eccles
“I have attended numerous workshops run by Lee Boardman and have never not left the class feeling inspired. His deep understanding of acting allows you to commit yourself fully to the class, knowing you have a safety net of years of experience both within the industry and in performance.The workshops/classes give you the fundamental tools to grow as an actor but also they give you confidence in your ability to take risks and develop your skills. Lee’s constant search for truth in a performance has made me discover more about my self, grow as an individual and as an actor. Thanks to Lee’s classes and help I am now studying at the Drama Centre, London, where I am focusing on the teachings of Sanford Misner’s work which Lee first introduced me to. Thank you Lee.”

Neil Callin
“I found Lee’s workshops to be some of the most challenging and emotional but ultimately enjoyable workshops that I have done. Lee’s passion and enthusiasm for the craft and the ‘truth’ is infectious and he draws you into a safe place where you can draw upon experiences and emotions that you’ve not previously thought about. I’ve made some great friends through the workshops and have drawn on these experiences in both world on short films and in theatre. I would highly recommend Lee’s workshops, they are certainly money worth spending.”

Ray Barry:
“Your workshop transformed my thinking, and infected me with acting/writing bug.
I have now written several short stories, and am preparing to film one later in the year.
I have also been selected for lead role in a short film, being shot in june,this is written and produced by two MannIN Shorts students. So thank you, for, had I not attended your workshop, I would not be able to do, what I now crave every day…Act and write.
The whole experience with you in the workshop was incredible, full of emotion and drama.”

*Whilst we have a policy of inclusion, pupils admittance is at our discretion. The safety and well-being of all at Actor Tribe is paramount and we reserve the right to withdraw a student’s place at any time along with a refund for any remaining workshops.*